About Us

who are we?

Chloe’s diving center was established in 2015 as a PADI certified membership, we have helped thousands  of divers from around the world to get certified and help new people to discover and Experience the sport of scuba diving.

chloe's diving center

We have a diverse team of professional scuba divers, all of them whom speaks at least 2 to 4 languages, that languages being English, German, Russian & French. All of our team and dive center are clarified to work from the local authorities.

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Your Safety is our number one priority. all of trips and plans are based on our divers safety before anything.


Plan Your dive and dive your plan, is the saying we conduct our diving on.



Following the standards of diving set by PADI and Local Authorities is what set us apart from the competition.


In the end of the day, all we want to do is offer you  joy and relaxation.

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